In 2009, Stacey Neff founded the New Mexico Experimental Glass Workshop, an artist-focused, non-profit organization. Neff currently serves as it's director. The goal is to explore and expand the application of hot glass as a contemporary art media by making it accessible to non-glass artists through progressive programming. This program targets mid-to-late-career artists (the least represented demographic in targeted artist support systems).

"In my experience, glass is a traditional craft media requiring years of skill specialization and expensive equipment making it inaccessible to most fine artists. I have also observed that an artist who has pursued excellence over a lengthy career will be likely to create, in any media, with the same excellent protocols for decision-making. With this theory I have pursued the facilitation of glass artwork for some of Santa Fe's finest living artists, and to their great satisfaction, the successful integration of hot glass into their artistic vernacular. The workshop facilitators include hot glass shop business owners with the tools to engage the most experienced glass artists of Santa Fe with a broad range of equipment and skills. We also have an artistic advisory panel of regional master glass artists available to consult in their areas of expertise. We have remained in the black, created jobs for New Mexico hot glass workers, and have made some break-through and beautiful art, which has sold amazingly well in several contemporary galleries in Santa Fe." –Stacey Neff

Stacey Neff co-authored the Patronship Program
For Linda Durham Contemporary Art

The tiered program was designed as follows:

Micro Patronship Subscriptions: of $20 - $50 dollars offers media updates and invitation to annual Patrons' party. All revenue generated is invested directly into artist promotional materials, video and published material.

Annual Patronship Subscriptions: of $1000 offers an original or limited edition work from the chosen artist; invitation to annual Patrons' party; a studio visit with the artist; previews of artist's exhibitions, monthly media updates and an assured discount on the chosen artist's work. Revenue is split $500 to selected artist and $500 to gallery.

Macro Patronship Subscriptions: of $5000 and up offers the annual loan of a site specific art exhibition of Patronship artist's large scale works curated and installed by the gallery in Macro Patronship location; invitation to annual Patron's party; invitation to all artist's studio visits; previews of artist's exhibitions, monthly media updates and an assured discount on gallery artwork. Variable cost of Macro Patronship determined by number of works loaned for exhibition, $1000 per artwork with a 5 artwork minimum. Revenues to be divided $500 to artist, $500 to gallery for each loaned artwork.

The Marketing Plan:

  • Strong branding and online structure
  • Direct-mail/email marketing to targeted group.
    (Expected conversion of 2% of list after 6 mailings.)
  • Viral online marketing structure for promotion and support with Patronship website, Facebook, Twitter and Patronship YouTube channel
  • Local marketing to generate regional awareness and media interest
  • Events and artist demonstrations